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This programme will guide entrepreneurs through online mentoring,links to all UK funding sources and tools and tips on raising capital

What is it?
City Hindus Entrepreneurship Programme
This programme will guide entrepreneurs to get funding, open doors through career clinics, mentoring webinars, and web resources.

Who will lead it
For City Hindus, this will be led by Advisory Board Members:
Chairman, Alpesh Patel
Dealmaker Dept for International Trade, Global Entrepreneur Programme and Co-Founder TIE UK – the UK Chapter of the world’s largest entrepreneur mentoring programme –
Nish Kotecha
Deputy Chairman London Chamber of Commerce, Chairman and former board member and co-founder TiE UK
Tarang Katira
Founder & CEO of TK-Advisory, PE/VC and Business advisory, marketing and fundraising boutique. Former Principal in-charge of EMEA Fund Investments at Private Markets giant Hamilton Lane. Cambridge University graduate in Economics (MA and BA(Hons)).

Why is it needed?
This article in the Financial Times sums up the need (see image)

What resources are there for City Hindus now to access funding, help with business plans, templates, advice, open doors?
We’ve created which list all the UK’s angel investor sources, incubators, accelerators, VCs, grant and loan bodies for entrepreneurs. We also provide templates of business plans and advice from VCs there. You will in addition get mentoring webinars and career clinics. See home page and newsletter for these as they happen.

The Einstein Challenge

Do You Have Technology to Solve the World’s Greatest Problems? Do You Meet the Einstein Challenge?

Einstein on Gandhi: “Generations to come will scarcely believe one such as this of flesh and blood walked this earth.”

“How do we ensure the ideals of Gandhi are remembered by future generations? I invite thinkers, entrepreneurs and tech leaders to be at the forefront of spreading Gandhi’s ideas through innovation.

Let us work shoulder to shoulder to make our world prosperous and free from hate, violence and suffering. That is when we will fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dream, summed up in his favorite hymn, “Vaishnava Jana To,” which says that a true human is one who feels the pain of others, removes misery and is never arrogant.”

Prime Minister of India

Which Problems?

Which Technologies?

We concentrate on the following areas:

  • Female founders – the world needs more entrepreneurs, women are unjustly facing more obstacles than men
  • Technologies which make democracy more transparent and effective giving a voice to all
  • Environmental protection technologies
  • Medical tech which will save lives, especially of the most vulnerable in society

Air for Life

AFL technology began in space with NASA in 1994 when NASA began planning for deep space exploration including proposed manned missions to Mars such as the “Constellation Mission Program”, in 2013 which required sustaining life in space for months and years at a time. AFL uses the technology to provide clean air in public transport, hospitals, offices – anywhere there is a pollution problem. We helped them export globally thanks to the UK’s International Trade Advisors, and advised on strategy and opening doors to potential customers.



Healthcare is an ever increasing cost on the public purse. Advatech facilitates 24-hour medical transport for governments, corporate organisations and individual clinics. The technology allows tracking of ambulances and logistics (eg pathology samples). By reducing costs, it ensures more people will have access to the types of care they need.


Thinkerbell Labs

The Braille literacy rate around the world is abysmal. Literacy rate correlates to employability and affects the economy. Current solutions for teaching braille takes too long and is too expensive. Thinkerbell created Annie™ – the world’s first self-learning device for Braille literacy. It is packed with gamified and interactive content.



Finboot uses blockchain to track and trace consumer goods supply chains to ensure safety of users and consumers, and monitoring sustainability practices in the supply chain.


Every UK Incubator, Accelerator and VC for Your new Global UK HQ

Speaking to top tech scale-ups in Hong Kong and South Korea, on the back of visits to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and India – the top question is how should we explore the opportunities the UK offers? And why?

Read more here

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Getting Introductions to Anyone

All entrepreneurs need to be effective in opening doors. It’s who you know that is the secret to success. But it is also what you know about making sure you can open doors and widen who you know. This presentation shows the tools and tips, tactics and strategies for your to use from people very good at it. The ‘N’ in CHN is of course Network and in this video the Chairman of City Hindus explains good practice for widening your network. The webinar was originally recorded by the CHN Chair for the Dept for International Trade for a Global Entrepreneur audience and is reproduced by permission of the Department for International Trade.

The report which led City Hindus to launch the Entrepreneurs Programme

The FSB report Unlocking Opportunity: The Value of Ethnic Minority Firms to UK Economic Activity and Entrerprise prompted us to launch City Hindus Entrepreneur Programme. You can read the report in it’s entirety at

What Angel Investors Look For: City Hindus Entrepreneur Programme

As part of the City Hindus Network Entrepreneurs Programme, this online mentoring video shows investors and entrepreneurs what’s what.

Dr Harveen Chugh on Entrepreneurship

Harveen Chugh is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Warwick Business School. She won two National Enterprise Educator Awards in 2020 for Enterprise Catalyst and People’s Choice. She has been globally recognised as one of the Best 40 Under 40 Business School Professors by Poets&Quants in 2019. Harveen has prior industry experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and growth manager for start-ups. Her passion is working with students and entrepreneurs to develop new business ideas.

How To Flourish As An Entrepreneur