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We are launching a series of interviews with experts on improving our physical and mental health.

Of national need is our physical health, given Covid/diabetes impact on our community. So we have launched our City Hindus Health is Wealth Programme to support that. You will have seen HRH Prince William speak of mental health too and we will use experts to communicate to our members on tools to help them.

Following the disproportionate impact on the BAME community of Covid and Diabetes, and the number of our members who will be in City desk bound jobs, we are launching a series of interviews with experts on improving our physical and mental health.

This ties in with the NHS campaign and also Prince William’s campaign on mental health.

It also allows us to showcase role models and experts who manage to look after health whilst in busy City jobs with young families – a problem we can of all ages relate to.

Mental Health

Prash Kotecha is an International Well being, Empowerment and Conscious Leadership Consultant and Speaker, who also hosts the 5 star rated Podcast Show “Urban Spirituality”, and the CEO of StressToSuccess.

He has been a longstanding supporter of CHN who has worked with global corporates (including the likes of HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays, UBS, Irwin Mitchell, WeWork, among others) and community/spiritual organizations over the past 25+ years, reaching many tens of thousands of people globally through his podcast, events and Mantra Therapy wellness retreats.

Prash’s longstanding experience in wellbeing practices, peak performance, leadership development and spiritual and emotional intelligence, has resulted in a unique style of coaching, training and consulting that blends unconventional wisdom with real-world pragmatism.

In the following videos Prash shares tips on Rapid Tactics to Hack Your Emotional Power and Resilience and The 6 Stages of Stress – How To Take Back Control.