Secrets of My Success - City Hindus
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In this new series CHN Chair interviews entrepreneurs on their success stories. They share their journey, the secrets to their success and tips to become successful

Jillian Kowalchuk

As the award-winning Founder of Safe & the City, Jillian Kowalchuk shares the Secrets of her Success. From building a first-to-market product as a non-technical Founder, starting alone to building up the skills to recruit and manage an extraordinary team, bootstrapping a business to raising funding and generating B2B revenue, as well as networking from knowing no one to being invited to speak on global stages as a thought-leader.

Professor Soumitra Dutta

Professor Soumitra Dutta is an Indian academic, author and entrepreneur. He is the Dean of Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He was previously a professor of management, as well as the former Founding Dean, at the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University in New York and Dean of SC Johnson College of Business. Before his appointment to Cornell, he was the Roland Berger professor of business and technology at INSEAD.

Jay Patel

Jay Patel is an experienced commercial executive with over 25 years’ experience in the TMT sectors through various operational, investment and advisory roles. Jay enjoys working with fast growing technology businesses and has served as both an executive and non-executive director on the boards of both private and public companies over the last 20 years with international experience across the UK, India, Africa and the US.

Dr Vijay Patel

Dr Vijay Patel B.Sc(Pharm) MRPS,GPHC, CCMI, FRSA, discusses how he made it from nothing to billionaire with passion, clear goals and hard work. His objective in any business that he started is to build to its maximum potential. As an entrepreneur his formula for success is as follows, “Be anything you like, if you are single minded, not scared of failing, trying again and work to meet deadlines. That is a mark of a successful man.