Elevator Interviews - City Hindus
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TV style interviews hosted by the CHN Chairman with members of our community who elevate and inspire others.

Gopal Patel

Gopal Patel – Co-Chair, United Nations Multifaith Advisory Council and Director Bhumi Global speaks about his journey. As an important voice on the United Nations for ensuring Hindus are heard, Gopal has dedicated his life to elevating those without a voice. From the Bhumi Project at Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies to Advisor to the Parliament of World Religions to the UN.

Lakshmi Kaul

Lakshmi Kaul, Head & Representative – UK at Confederation of Indian Industry says, “If you don’t speak up for yourself, no one else will.” She touches upon her connect with India, her identity as an Indian and Hindu, changing misconceptions about Kashmir, the diversity of India and her Handmade in India campaign.

Derek Goodwin

Derek Goodwin a senior civil servant from humble beginnings talks about how he elevated himself with the help of mentors who gave him self-belief to beat the odds. He went on to be a diplomat and now as the UK Government’s Head of the Global Entrepreneur Programme explains how he helps global technology companies solve the world’s biggest problems from a UK base.

Chanda Pandya

Retail expert Chanda Pandya speaks about shining through fear, being discounted for being a woman or minority, pivoting in retail in tough times, and now her cause to help Black Lives Matter movement. She hopes to elevate others so they can benefit from her experiences – she shares the good and bad trials of her journey.

Lord Popat

Lord Popat, Member of the House of Lords speaks inspiringly and passionately about his important report of caring for the elderly, the roots of success coming to the UK from Uganda and building a business empire and success from zero. He encourages people from the community to come forward to serve government bodies as there are huge opportunities available.

Baroness Verma

Member House of Lords, former Minister and Chair UN Women says, “There will be 9 people in your way, but you only need 1 to help. Network, help others, go out and ask for help – people will give it. Don’t wait for it.” She reiterates, despite facing gender and race discrimination it just made her more resilient and stronger. She adds, “The best way to get a mentor – ask for help.”

Samit Biswas

Founder, Director and CEO Advatech Healthcare Europe & Advatech Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, his company helps the NHS and creates jobs. Samit  created the Uber of Ambulances, moved his family and faced obstacle after obstacle. Not wealthy – just inspired. The CHN Advisory board Member says, “If your purpose is great, great things will happen and so will obstacles.

Bijal Shah

CEO of Booktherapy.io, talks about the powerful healing quality of literature on the latest episode of The Elevator. She advises people to turn to literature when they are feeling down or need comfort. From a successful career in banking, to moving countries, raising a family, starting a business – with passion for mental health – this CHN Advisory Board member inspires and reassures.

Raenu Barod

Former Partner at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP in conversation with one of its advisory board members Raenu Barod. The UK Barrister and US Law Firm Partner tells us how she juggles busy family life with a hectic work life and explains how she uplifts others. She feels that getting mentors and sponsors are key to success and shares her tips on networking confidently.

Aekta Mahajan Patel

Head of Venture Capital Unit at Department for International Trade in conversation with City Hindus Network says, “I don’t think of myself as a ethnic minority woman, just a professional. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, you can be authentic and still do well.” She elaborates on getting into Deutsche Bank then leaving it all behind to move onwards and upwards.

Jay Vitale

Founder and CEO Air For Life UK LTD. “You gotta have self-belief,” says Jay Vitale in his interview with City Hindus. He also talks about overcoming mental health hurdles to build a global business. The importance of faith, entrepreneurship, NASA, life-saving, purpose in business and breaking global markets.

Hemal Randerwala

Founder and Chairman Go Dharmic. How does a boy from Luton break into City finance – and then feed a million people? Finding purpose and meaning in your work to succeed. CHN Advisory Board Member Hemal Randerwala tells us more on , How to elevate others when you’re starting in the basement.

Nish Kotecha

Chairman & Co-founder at Finboot and Deputy Chairman of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry in conversation with City Hindus says, “Respect for others is the key to success”. The son of a cleaner to JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers and big tech IPOs, to using tech to help the poorest in the world. An inspiring story of elevation and elevating others.