Diwali Basket Brigade 2021 - City Hindus
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Diwali Basket Brigade 2021

30 October 2021

Diwali Basket Brigade (DBB) is a community initiative funded on donations and run by local volunteers who provide food hampers to socially deprived / vulnerable households, from all faiths and backgrounds in the UK, ahead of Diwali, the festival of light on 30 October 2021.⠀

This annual event is organised by The Diwali Foundation, which has been running since 2018. Founder Deepak Parekh, started Diwali Basket Brigade as a way for the community to give back at this auspicious time.

Their objective is to raise sufficient funding to support the delivery of over 2,500 hampers to those in need – let’s make DBB even bigger this year and continue sharing the message of hope, light and giving at Diwali

You can DONATE by clicking on their charity fundraising page: