Varchasva Leadership Programme by Yog Foundation - City Hindus
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Varchasva Leadership Programme by Yog Foundation

1 July 2023 1 March 2024
Camden Round House, London

Varchasva is a Leadership programme for British Hindu youth aged 18-25. It is designed and delivered in collaboration with the University of Oxford and develops leadership skills and capabilities among the next generation of Hindus.

As a young Hindu who has personally benefited and learned so much from Varchasva, I can’t speak highly enough of the programme. Others will say it was transformational for them at a deep level, empowering them to become more effective and impactful as an individual and as a leader.

Yog Foundation runs the programme completely free of charge (despite all the costs of accommodation, satvik meals, out-of-pocket expenses etc) with a faculty including Krish Raval OBE and Bhaven Pathak MBE who all also work entirely out of “Seva”. Perhaps uniquely, participants are from all sects and parts of the Hindu community in Britain (e.g. last year there was a Bangladeshi Hindu, a Kashmiri Hindu as well as many Gujaratis!).

Why you should apply?
Those who have completed Varchasva have found it profoundly transformational.

This unique programme, tailored specifically for British Hindu youth, develops and enhances your character, confidence and effectiveness as a leader using methods usually only available to high office holders from the corporate world and the public sector. It will also help you discover and define your identity as a young Hindu in British society.

The programme brings you together with young Hindu changemakers from across the UK and encourages a new generation of faith leaders to recognise the best in yourself and in one another to inspire, empower and bring forth Dharma and values-led change.

To apply for this programme, you should be:
– 18 – 25 years old
– Have a desire to learn more about leadership and develop your own capacity as a leader
– Have a record of involvement and participation within the community
– Open to learning from and with fellow young Hindus
– Be available for three long weekends (arranged with university students’ availability in mind) between July 2023 – March 2024. The first module will be between Friday 7th – Sunday 9th July 2023.
Application deadline: Interviews ongoing apply ASAP

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