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Youth Futures: Career Pathways

26 August 2021 | 7:00 pm 8:15 pm

If you are aged 13-17 and interesting in learning about different career paths, then this event is for you!

Do you know what career path you want to pursue in the future?

A doctor? A Veterinarian? A psychologist? Or are you in the ‘I’m not so sure category’ which is entirely fine at this point!

Whatever your passion is, whatever your interests are – the perfect career for YOU is out there!

If you are in the age bracket of 13-17 then you are in for a treat.

Join us at WT Excel: Youth Futures as we hold the first of 2 live webinars: Career Pathways

During this event, we’ll host a panel working within a diverse set of industries. They will be discussing

  • what they do and how they started
  • how you can identify a career that aligns with your interest and passions
  • what you can do now to start to work towards this

This event is going to be a blast, and will open your eyes to infinite possibilities ahead of you.

Make sure you join us, and be sure to invite all of your friends!

The career you want awaits you – See you there!

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